Physiotherapy treatment during the Covid 19 pandemic

The clinic is now open however things will be a little different.

Increased time between appointments is required to ensure a thorough clean between patients, will mean much reduced appointment availability.

What does this mean for me?

Following our governing body guidelines, all patients calling/emailing to book an appointment will be telephoned triaged.

If deemed in need of a face to face consultation, this will be offered at the earliest opportunity.

Remote consultations will be available for anyone who can be helped this way.

How will my clinic experience differ?

New patients will be sent their forms by email to complete ahead or their consultation, or their physiotherapist will complete them within their consultation.

All patients will be emailed before their appointment, detailing what is required of them ahead of, and when visiting the clinic, which they will need to reply to in advance of their appointment, confirming their agreement to comply. This email will include (not exclusively):

  • That you attend your appointment alone and bring with you a minimum of personal belongings.

  • Please bring your own shorts to change into if required and, where possible, your own towel and pillow.

  • We will ask you to wait outside in the car park to be called in by your physiotherapist.

  • It is a requirement of the surgery for you to wear a face mask whilst in the building.

  • You will be asked to wash your hands or use the hand sanitiser before entering the treatment area, and again before leaving the clinic.

  • Please be aware that your physiotherapist will be wearing the appropriate PPE to treat you.

Is it safe to visit the clinic?

Please be assured with have all the necessary PPE to treat you safely, and have put in place every possible measure to keep both patients and staff at the clinic as safe as possible.

However, a face to face consultation, in most cases, necessitates being less than two metres from your physiotherapist for more than 15 minutes, thus not within the Government’s social distancing guidelines, which inevitably poses a risk to the patient.

We would ask you to carefully consider the risk implications of a face to face consultation and consider a remote consultation instead.

How do I pay and rebook?

Payment by bank transfer is the preferred method.

Please bring with you means to record your next appointment as appointment cards cannot be issued.

We very much look forward to welcoming you back to the clinic soon.

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